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Inventing sustainable and desirable solutions

Contrary to popular belief, the major environmental, climate, health, social and societal challenges are formidable driving forces for creating new, more sustainable visions of greater sobriety.

With this in mind, we offer services to support Innovation and R&D divisions in developing new projects to build more responsible and desirable future societies. Since 2017, we have supported more than 30 structures in their Research, Development and Innovation projects.

Depending on the issue targeted with our partners, the solutions we design can take different forms and thus be embodied in new materials, products (goods and services), experiences, places, forms of organisation, etc.

Redirection & sustainable innovation" studio

"I want to create or redirect my products (goods and services), experiences, places, organisational models, compatible with the environmental and societal challenges of today and tomorrow."

Our "redirection and sustainable innovation" studio helps you to transform your products and services to make them compatible with today's environmental and social challenges, and to design solutions that take these challenges into account, from idea to market.
  • Eco-innovative solutions
  • Environmental commitment
  • Systems thinking
  • Co-construction

Studio "Foresight & anticipation

"I want to explore and anticipate the future changes my business will experience, and prepare my structure to respond and adapt to them."

Our "foresight & anticipation" studio explores possible futures that are still open: we imagine your organisation's activities in 20, 50 or 100 years' time, we delve into the needs and requirements that are taking shape, we reveal the building blocks of technology and expertise that will enable it to break free from preconceptions and the obvious to build itself in the near and distant future.
  • Exploration and anticipation
  • Foresight
  • New Imaginations
  • Anticipating potential futures
  • Design Fiction
  • Speculative design

Studio "R&D - Design for Research

"I am an R&D division or research institute interested in applying my organisation's scientific knowledge or technological building blocks within society by transforming them into innovations designed to respond to tomorrow's issues."

Our "R&D - design for research" studio bridges the gap between your as yet untapped research and technologies and applications that are full of added value and disruptive, whether environmental and/or social, and that meet needs that are compatible with the living world.
  • Develop
  • Materialising
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • From the laboratory to society

Three studios

We offer three studios for inventing sustainable and desirable solutions, tailored to different types of stakeholder:

  • a "Redirection & sustainable innovation" studio ;
  • a "Foresight & anticipation" studio;
  • an R&D - Design for Research Studio.

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