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2020 > 2022
Research project

The Réseau de Transport de l'Électricité (RTE), in partnership with Ceebios and in collaboration with Pikaia and Big Bang Project, has launched the biomimetic-inspired pilot project "Biomim' Lignes de Vie Marine", to integrate environmental, social and economic issues into future offshore wind turbine connections. The project involves a two-pronged innovation approach: (1) the design of bio-inspired solutions, and (2) the development of solutions labelled "Nature Based Solutions" by the IUCN (solution designed to provide both a technological benefit and a benefit for nature).

The offshore wind farm is set to grow, bringing with it three issues to be resolved:

- preventing soil erosion at the foot of offshore platforms

- protecting underwater cables from repeated impacts or damage from anchors or fishing gear,

- prevent the colonisation of marine biodiversity (biofouling) on the cables, which poses maintenance and performance problems.

The aim here is to produce resource-efficient, recyclable solutions that will have a positive effect on biodiversity, such as promoting the reef effect by providing the conditions for biodiversity to develop.

At present, the Biomim' Lignes de Vie Marine project is entering the 'operational transposition' phase, in conjunction with an industrial ecosystem, with concepts proposed for further development with a view to confirming a proof of concept in 2022 before moving on to the next stages of development and industrialisation.