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Faircap Mini

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Access to water is a crucial issue in much of today's world. With the majority of people living in rural areas, nearly a billion people have no access to drinking water and are dependent on sources that are becoming increasingly rare and polluted by the proliferation of micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) as well as by the massive presence of chemical residues released by households, agriculture and industry. As a result, an estimated 4 billion people are infected by diseases caused by drinking contaminated water, and 2.6 million die every year.

Using effective, low-cost technology, designer Guillian Graves and the Faircap community have come up with a device that can turn any freshwater source into a huge reservoir of drinking water for just 1.5 dollars: Faircap Mini.

Faircap Mini is a new kind of cap that fits onto any individual bottle. It features hollow-fibre membrane technology and an activated carbon filter to filter out virtually all bacteria and chemical residues from the water. All Faircap Mini owners have to do is lean over the edge of a river, lake, pond or any other nearby source and fill their bottle with water that will be instantly filtered as soon as it is consumed. It has a lifespan of at least a year, or around 1,000 litres of filtered water.

In short, Faircap Mini is an efficient, transportable, low-cost filtration device designed primarily for people in developing countries who have no access to drinking water. The Faircap Mini can also be used for outdoor activities where access to drinking water is a problem (tourism, sports, camping, hiking, etc.).